Exclusively for Nagars Globally

Mission Statement

Hatkesh Matrimony is an innovative and modern concept, specifically created for the sole purpose of providing a platform for talented Hatkesh Nagar youths to find a compatible life partner within our extremely cultured, well educated Nagar community which is globally regarded for its unique deep-rooted virtues and unparallel heritage credentials.

A Noble Cause

Hatkesh Matrimony is hoping to offer a premium rich source of profiles for our Nagar candidates settled throughout the world. This is genuinely a noble cause.

Purpose behind Hatkesh Matrimony

Hatkesh Matrimony will try to fill up the gap for candidates to creatively look at an independent global database which can provide genuine potential matches locally and around the world.

Hatkesh Matrimony has been created by passionate Nagars to purely help assist Nagar youths who are busy developing their career and not having any resources or network when it comes to finding a compatible Nagar life partner,

Community Support

We charge a small fee which goes into maintenance of this service. This will help us sustain in the long term.

Hatkesh Matrimony is requesting the community and successfully matched candidates through this site to generously donate to the Hatkeshmatrimony site for its creative development purpose.

Contact: HatkeshMatrimony@gmail.com